Black Mandrake Defense is private military company, which provides contract security services for governments, law enforcement, special forces, private companies and private customers.

Our operators include specialists from the Marine Special Action Unit FORMOZA, former operators from other special units of the Polish Army and Special Services (GROM). Our operators have gained their experience over the years during combat operations in the country and around the world. The core of our experts are specialists with the right to access top secret information, constituting a state secret – both in accordance with Polish and international NATO regulations. During their service, the operators often faced a real threat to their own lives, which allowed them to prepare them to act in even the most extreme conditions and situations. Black Mandrake Defense successfully carries out its activities throughout Poland and other countries. Many years of difficult training, participation in foreign missions and combat operations made our operators specialists in the field of broadly understood security and defense.

Black Mandrake Defense delivers high sophisticated, tested equipment and services for the law enforcement all over the glob. In co-operation with the world’s leaders in defence equipment, we offer solutions to all types of armies and governments. We provide armaments, ammunition, explosives, communication systems and other equipment for soldiers and police officers. We also offer medical equipment necessary for all our customers. Our equipment comes with complete warranty service.
Our employees’ experience and competence guarantee professional customer service, coupled with excellent communication between the producer, the supplier and the end user.



Military Medical Corps

Military medical corps use our medical technology – because our solutions withstand the most demanding tasks. Military medical equipment needs to operate quickly and reliably because danger zones are often chaotic and pose particular challenges for troops.

Body Armor

Black Mandrake Defende is your top source for body armor and other NIJ-tested accessories trusted by law enforcement and the military. Your safety is our top priority. Browse our site for the best civilian body armor for sale at an affordable rate.


INVISIO hearing protection headsets are established as the headset of choice for future soldier programs today, due to comfort, reliability, hearing protection and superior audio quality that gives natural sounding situational awareness and accurate directionality.

Rifle Silencers

A silencer is a muzzle device that reduces the acoustic intensity of the muzzle report and the recoil when a gun is discharged, by modulating the speed and pressure of the propellant gas from the muzzle and hence suppressing the muzzle blast.

Security Consulting

Security consulting and activities: Protection of military, police and other sensitive objects, VIP transport, Pyrotechnic inspection, Coordination of the security of small and mass events and other.

Training Centre

Professional trainings dedicated for special forces and private groups: Special Forces, Shooting trainings, Tactical training, Medical training, Safety training, Diving training and other.


Most common cartridge for pistol and PCC disciplines. Our cartridge is composed of a FMJ lead core bullet, high quality smokeless powder and brand new, brass-plated steel, C.I.P. compliant casings.