Improving Safety and Efficiency

INVISIO Comfort and Fit

Soldier safety and efficiency is severely reduced by inadequate fit and uncomfortable equipment. INVISIO hearing protection headsets are established as the headset of choice for future soldier programs today, due to comfort, reliability, hearing protection and superior audio quality that gives natural sounding situational awareness and accurate directionality. All INVISIO headsets offer unsurpassed performance, comfort and fit to soldiers and are available as both in-the-ear and over- the-ear headsets.

INVISIO in-the-ear headsets are compatible with helmets, eyewear, breathing apparatus and ear muffs. The headset adapts perfectly to the contours of any ear offering maximum comfort and a secure fit. INVISIO over- the-ear hearing protection headsets pose a significant improvement over traditional cup headset design, as it removes weight and complexity from the headset by centralising operation of the headset to the INVISIO control unit.

Increasing Mission Success

Efficient Communication

On todays military battlefield, efficient communication is essential for reducing risk for the soldier and ensuring mission success.
INVISIO systems support full radio functionality for different mission scenarios, for both the mounted and dismounted soldier. Radio communication and hear-thru are separate with continuous and unimpeded hear-thru in both ears, even when transmitting. Transmission using the radio’s internal push-to-talk or wireless remote push-to- talk is possible as well as radio sidetone, radio warning tones, full duplex and multi net functionality.

Preventing Hearing Damage

Intelligent Hearing Protection

For soldiers, the ability to communicate clearly in high noise environments while protecting their hearing and still retaining situational awareness, is a tactical advantage and can be a life saver. Soldiers in the field often experience very high noise levels that can impede mission critical communication and damage the soldier’s hearing. Hearing impairment is the most common injury of soldiers returning from active duty. Combine this with the risk of short term hearing damage due to explosions and the risk of mission failure increases. The INVISIO systems provide certified hearing protection solution rated at *SNR 32 dB and *NRR 29 dB to meet the needs of demanding users in high noise environments.

Reducing the Burden

Size, Weight and Power

The modern soldier is faced with a significant burden – both cognitively and physically. The soldier’s mobility, sustainability and ability to communicate are adversely affected by this burden.
INVISIO systems addresses today’s soldier system’s challenges of size and weight reduction, integration, power optimisation and battlefield situational awareness by simplifying the system down to what the soldier needs and only what he needs. The user interface is reduced to face the real issue of mission critical communication and supplying state-of-the-art hearing protection to the soldier. As a consequence of this simplification, size and weight are significantly reduced, and the power supply is centralised. Soldier efficiency, safety and mobility increases.

Enhancing Situational Awareness

INVISIO 360° Hear-Thru

Full situational awareness with the ability to communicate and hear the surroundings at all times is critical. Soldiers need to maintain natural hearing and still have protection from potentially damaging impulse noises, such as gunshots or explosions, as well as continuous noise from vehicles and aircrafts. INVISIO systems use advanced digital signal processing, miniaturised audio components and ergonomic headset design to provide the most natural hearing possible – even in extreme conditions.

INVISIO in-the-ear headsets have hear-thru microphones positioned within the external contours of the outer ear, utilizing the outer ear capability of detecting the origin of sounds and providing full 360 degree situational awareness. Advanced miniaturised speakers and microphones reproduce the sound naturally. Digital signal processing improves hear-thru quality and situational awareness, but also protects the user against audio signals that exceed a dangerous threshold.


INVISIO offers cutting-edge tactical communication and hearing protection systems while maintaining situational awareness. This combination is crucial for the operator’s safety and operational capacity during mission critical operations. The INVISIO Communication System comprises a complete Soldier System that includes headsets, control units and programmable cables. By adding the Intercom System, INVISIO enables both individual and group communication that works seamlessly both when dismounted and when mounted.

Intelligent Hearing Protection

protects soldier’s hearing

Hearing impairment is the most common injury among soldiers returning from active duty. Soldiers in the field often experience very high noise levels that can impede mission critical communication and damage their hearing. INVISIO systems provide industry-leading, certified hearing protection to meet the soldier’s needs.

Situational Awareness

natural hearing and directionality in any conditions

The ability to retain situational awareness can be a life saver. INVISIO systems provide superior audio quality that gives natural sounding situational awareness and accurate directionality. The INVISIO solutions have been tested and proven viable in more than 50 countries and an excess of 150.000 systems are fielded to serve in the most demanding operations in the world.

Plug and Play

modularity and flexibility on the go

INVISIO systems are based on mobility, simplicity, modularity and the flexibility to fit your communication needs in every situation. Seamless plug and play integration between intercoms, control units, headsets and interface cables is key to the versatility of the INVISIO system.

Bridging the Gap

between the mounted and dismounted soldier

INVISIO Intercom is a game changer for the communica- tion ability for soldiers.

The INVISIO Intercom System bridges the gap between the mounted and dismounted soldier, making it possible for multiple users and radios to connect simultaneously using their existing dismounted soldier system. The soldier can access all vehicle communications directly from his INVISIO control unit. There is no need for the soldier to take off or put on equipment when entering or exiting a vehicle. This allows for a safe and seamless inter-group communication and connection to the vehicle intercom system.

Any vehicle communications platform is easily integrated with minimal effort. The system is lightweight, plug and play and unparalleled in size, letting troops move anywhere while maintaining their communications. The INVISIO Intercom System allows seamless transitions between land, sea and air assets with maintaining hearing protection and full situational awareness at all times.

Intercom Anywhere

Drop and deploy

INVISIO offers custom carry solutions for the INVISIO Intercom System. These packs include internal mounting plates for the Intercom, cutouts for cable routing, pouches for portable radios, devices, batteries and antennas etc.

Seamless Integration

Intercom anywhere at anytime

The INVISIO Intercom is designed to bridge the gap between the dismounted and mounted soldier by seamless integra- tion. Capable of connecting up to 4 combat net radios, and 5 users for internal voice communication, the Intercom provides clear communication in noisy environments. It is a small and light weight system that can be powered from a vehicle or common combat radio battery. The Intercom is a highly mobile system that can be carried on the go between vehicles, or fixed permanently in a vehicle.

Customize on any Platform

Intercom Systems

Thanks to the extensive flexibility and modularity of INVISIO’s communication solutions, they can be seamlessly integrated into any starting point. INVISIO can offer tailor- made solutions where we adapt our modular systems to fit customer specifications and special needs. INVISIO also offers solutions that expand existing intercom systems while ensuring the unmatched quality, flexibility and ease of use that distinguish INVISIO from its competitors.

Anywhere and anytime

INVISIO brings intercom to all types of small, highly mobile and fast-moving ground platforms. The Intercom system allows communication between all team members and to access radios connected to the intercom device. Being small and lightweight the INVISIO Intercom fits perfectly in a back pack and can be powered via an external battery.

Easy to install and easy to use

Easy to mount in any vehicle with a minimum of effort. INVISIO Intercom offers a communication system that can be customized to multiple configurations depending on the size of the crew and their needs. In this example the team leader has full access to all connected communi- cation devices, while the rest of the team have selected access to communication critical to their specific role.

Designed for maritime support

To ensure mission success INVISIO Intercom enables clear communication with boat crew, Fire Support together with Vessel and Central Command simultaneously. Mounted on the boat it facilitates clear communication and operates seamlessly with connected devices onboard. Submersible until 2 meters it can also withstand this harsh operating environment.

Drop and deploy your own intercom

INVISIO Intercom allows seamless transition between land, sea and air. The flexibility and mobility of the system enables you to temporarily drop and deploy your own intercom in a back pack and plug in to the existing ICS while maintaining uninterrupted communications. It can be configured with selected access to fit the Team Leaders needs for clear and precise communications with flight crew, Fire Support and Mission Command.